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Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions aren't answered in this section, don't hesitate to reach out! We are always happy to chat with prospective parents.


How long has the daycare been in business?

We have been serving Long Island families for over 10 years.

What is the facility's licensed capacity?

We are licensed to care for a maximum of 12 children between the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years.


Do you have a current state license?

Yes. We have to apply to renew our license every 4 years. In addition, the officiant visits every 3 months to check that everything is current and up to date.

Do you encourage visits from parents?

Yes! We have an open-door policy for the parents of our children, though we do like to discuss the best time for those visits. That said, no appointments are necessary.


Is there a staff member with certified pediatric first aid training always present with children?

Yes, all of our staff have CPR and First Aid certifications.

What's your holiday schedule? On what days are you closed?

We close during some public holidays so please feel free to reach out to ask about specific holidays. We also close for one week during the summer and for one during the Christmas season. However, aside from these closures, we are open all year round.


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