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Our Childcare Curriculum

We emphasize practical life skills that children experience in a home environment. This includes building, gardening, cleaning, cooking, washing, repairing, and knitting, among other things.

On a daily basis, there will be nurturing activities and self-care skills such as warm footbaths, taking time getting dressed for going outside, hair brushing, hand washing and tooth brushing and toileting.

A variety of experiential and sensory opportunities will be offered through creative play, household tasks, food preparation, nature exploration, water play, stories, music, foreign language, and movement according to age appropriateness. We also encourage outdoor activities as well which includes: outdoor exploration, nature walks, climbing trees, and learning about plant and animal life.

We focus on growing the whole child - mind, body and spirit - and encourage spiritual development in children through activities which foster prayer, a connection to God and a love for family, for America and for the Faith.

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Child Development Practices

Our developmental practices are based upon the care of the senses, development of mind, body, and spirit and the nurturing of a healthy social life.  These practices will enhance growth and development in language and creativity as well as social, emotional, physical, and cognitive abilities. Our focus is on the healthy development of movement, language, and physical growth.

Family-style care will allow infants to experience the joy of being around older children.

Infant Care

Infant Care will have an emphasis on promoting healthy sensory integration, encouraging their natural integration; rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and pulling up through their own capacity.

Rocking and cuddling will be encouraged to develop a healthy sense of touch and movement and to promote security and comfort.

Nursing Mothers

Nursing Mothers will be encouraged to come anytime they wish to nurse and/ or leave expressed milk with the child’s caregiver.


Toddlers will be given ample opportunity for explorative movement and to develop their sense of balance.  Music and basic finger and foot games will be a daily experience.

Outdoor Time

Outdoor Time will be a daily experience except in the most inclement weather (extreme heat, cold or wind).

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Toilet Training

Our caregivers will work with parents to follow their potty training procedures to the best of the caregivers' abilities.

Children who are toilet trained will be taken to the toilet on a regular schedule along with the others who are training.  The social context and imitative nature will sometimes help children go. Parents are asked to continue the regularly scheduled routine when the child is at home.

Curriculum: About Us
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