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Enrollment Policies

After the initial phone call and visit, parents submit the enrollment application form. We review your enrollment form and then request an interview with the parent(s) and the child. After the interview, the parents are given a "Parent Handbook" to bring home and review. When the daycare and parents assess that the Enchanted Garden Daycare Center can meet the needs of their child and family, then the parents return all paperwork including:

  • A signed statement confirming that the Parent Handbook has been read

  • Medical information form

  • Emergency cards

  • Current immunization record

  • Any required school transportation forms

  • And any other required forms for the child’s file

There is a two-week deposit on all applications. We keep one week on files. When all forms have been received, your child will be considered enrolled. Medical history information must be received immediately when the child is enrolled.

Enrollment & Openings: About Us

Enrollment is Now Open

We are currently accepting new applications for enrollment!

If you are ready to enroll your child at the Enchanted Garden Daycare, reach out by phone or email to start the enrollment process.

Enrollment & Openings: About Us
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