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Admissions and Polices

Admissions & Policies: Programs


In addition to meeting with the provider, parents of infants and toddlers will fill out a state-required infant/toddler in-take form that includes the following:

  1. Schedule of meals and feeding.

  2. Types of food introduced and timetable for new foods.

  3. Toileting and diapering procedures.

  4. Sleep and nap schedule.

  5. The child’s way of communication and being comforted.

  6. Development and health history.


Parents will provide the following personally labeled items on the child’s first day:

  1. Two full sets of spare clothes for children, regardless of age

  2. Two pairs of regular socks

  3. Proper underwear, tee-shirts for all season

  4. Hats for all seasons

  5. Proper outerwear for each season (cold and warm weather)

  6. Breast milk or formula , cereal and bottles for infants

  7. Diapers

  8. Wipes

Any special dietary food different from that supplied by the daycare:

  1. Toothbrush and toothpaste

  2. Tissues

  3. Hairbrush

  4. Slippers or comfortable shoes to keep inside the house

All of these items must be brought on the first day.   Also, when spare clothes are soiled and sent home, it is required that the parents provide replacements for those items when the child returns to daycare.


The way your child is clothed is important to us.  Young children do not have the physical capacity to discern their need for warmth.  As long as a child is not sweating, we keep them well-dressed in layers that can be peeled off as needed.

We encourage you not to send your children in clothing that you do not want to get dirty.  We do a number of activities in which children’s clothing can get soiled – outdoor play, baking, painting, etc.

Finally, it’s very important that infants and young children wear sun protection.


Unless we provide advance notice, we will be open whenever local schools are closed. Our hours are 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday-Friday.


Attendance will be kept through a parent check-in at the front door.  Upon arrival at the daycare, each family will write their child’s name and time of arrival on the check–in sheet.  The same procedure applies at pick-up time.  These records are necessary for state licensing regulations.

Parents are required to phone their child’s caregiver first thing in the morning if their child is unable to attend that day.


Enchanted Garden Daycare will be open year-round except for holidays and other Daycare closings.

Additionally, after six (6) months of continuous full-time enrollment, vacation credits are available as follows:

  • If your child attends 5 days a week, you are allowed 10 days at no charge;

  • If your child attends four days a week, eight days no charge;

  • If your child attends three days a week, six days no charge;

  • If your child attends two days a week, four days no charge. 

A month’s notice must be given regarding vacation days.  Sick days will be credited on the following month’s invoice.  Once the “free days “are used, all other vacation days and sick days must be paid. Holidays and other days that daycare will be closed are incorporated in the tuition, meaning they are fully paid. Parents may choose to use those days as part of their allotted vacation days. Vacations days must be used in the present year. No rollover allowed.


Tuition is billed on a weekly basis and payments are due on Monday unless a different payment plan has been arranged in advance.  After four (4) late payments, your child’s place will become available to children on the waiting list.


A $10.00 late fee for each additional 10 minutes past the scheduled pick-up time will be payable upon arrival. A $1 late fee for every minute late after 5pm.


It is essential for the daycare to be informed immediately about job changes, phone number changes, and changes in the designated contact person.


If the parent and the caregiver mutually agree that placement is inappropriate, enrollment may be terminated.

We reserve the right to cancel the enrollment of a child for any one of the following reasons:

  • If non-payment or repeated late payment of fees occurs

  • If a parent fails to observe polices of the daycare and omits required forms

  • If physical or verbal abuse of children or provider by a parent occurs.


Children must learn to develop socially acceptable and appropriate behavior as they grow to maturity.  Our discipline policy is intended to be proactive rather than reactive.  As such, caregivers will focus on attempting to diffuse a potentially problematic situation.  Caregivers will employ the L.O.V.E. approach to discipline based upon listening, laughter/humor, order, objectivity, vulnerability, versatility, enthusiasm, and energy.  This policy is the guideline used at Enchanted Garden Day Care to assist children in developing proper socialization, self-control, confidence, and compassion in their interactions with others.  Guidance is required to ensure proper conduct, prevent injury, and provide our children with an understanding of their peers’ feelings. The steps below explain how our staff provides healthy direction:

  1. Explaining to the children what behavior is acceptable

  2. Focusing on the child’s behavior, rather than on the child

  3. Allowing the children time to respond to the expectations

  4. Reinforcing appropriate behavior

  5. Being willing to listen and respond in a fair, supportive manner

  6. Observing children in order to anticipate potential difficulties

The following intervention strategies are used by us to create a positive climate and minimize problems in a supportive way:

  • Establishing eye contact and calling the child’s name in a calm controlled voice to gain child’s attention

  • Remaining near the child in situations where he/she may be losing self-control

  • Children will be reminded of rules taking their feelings into consideration

  • Diverting the child

  • Verbal and/or physical assistance will be provided by modeling problem solving if a child is discouraged or frustrated

  • Children will be offered choices in a non-threatening way

  • Clarifying the unavoidable outcome of the behavior to the child

  • If the child is unable to resolve a problem or take responsibility for their actions, they will be re-directed to another activity, or in special circumstances, be limited in the use of a piece of equipment/toy

  • If all else fails, the child will be removed from the situation in a way that ensures a positive learning experience: prior to being removed from situation, the child will be given an explanation of what it means and what it involves; the child will be moved within the play area where they can still be supervised, but far enough from the activity; the child will be allowed to determine when he/she can return to the activity; for preschoolers the removal period will be no more than one minute per year of age, to a maximum of five (5) minutes; appropriate or acceptable behavior of the child following removal will receive praise.

  • On rare occasions, where a child loses control and could possibly injure him or herself or others; embracing the child to soothe them until self-control is gained may be required.

  • Providing an opportunity to make amends.


Enchanted Garden Day Care considers the following practices unacceptable and will not tolerate their use:

  • Corporal punishment (i.e. shoving, hitting, shaking, spanking)

  • Harsh, belittling, or degrading treatment

  • Confinement, unsupervised separation from others

  • Depriving children of meals, snacks, rest or necessary use of the toilet as punishment


As required by licensing rules, we will contact the New York Department of Children and Families if there are signs that a child has been abused or neglected.


Enchanted Garden Daycare’s services are available to all children without discrimination of any kind.  The only time a child’s enrollment will not be accepted is if the parents or the caregiver feel that the daycare services cannot meet the needs of the child.

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